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    MVt & VSE 8 & HIPS 8


      i've installed this morning this tool to have a look on it.


      It looks fine, it seems great but...


      In the mvt policy, i just see the vse 7 and hips 7 menu in the patch management tab


      Are thse two product managed bu MVT 1.0.7 ?

      Are they not visible because of the lack of patch a this date ?


      After a deployment test, i had an error reported in a key (HIPS STATE) for the  hips 8.0 and the remediate task executed after the diagonstic one  corrected this trouble.


      So, could you confirm that latest version of VSE and HIPS are managed ?


      Also do you have some advice on how to use this tool on a big domain ? (frequence, config )

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          You should be seeing products list such as, Common Management Agent, ePolicy Orchestrator, Mcafee Agent, GroupShield Exchange, etc.. under policies for ePOMVT. The product list appears for all the products for whom the patches are supported by ePOMVT and doesn't matter what is installed in the machine.


          For example: There is no patch yet for HIP 8.0 and hence this would not appear in the list. VSE 7 is no more supported and you shouldn't be seeing this in list. But VSE 8.0 and above should be appearing.


          Could you please let  me know what version of ePO has been installed? If possible please attach a screenshot of the patch page.


          Please install the content updates for ePOMVT, so that the latest is reflected.


          You can find more details here: http://mer.mcafee.com/enduser/downloadepomvt.aspx , also attaching WalkThroughGuide here for your convenience.




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            i made a mistake sorry, by VSE 7 i meaned 8.7


            Actually i have VSE 8.7 and 8.8 on this ePO server but if i look into the strategy i don't see any VSE 8.8. Is it because there is not yet a patch for this product ?


            ePo 4.5 patched with the content 8 for the mvt



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              That's right. Since there is no patch for VSE 8.8 yet, it wouldn't appear in the list.




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                Thanks for your confirmation


                One last question then but very important for me


                If the tools is installed by the EPo on a computer. Wich user level do you need to launch it manually ? does this tool use the active credential or did it use the agent credential ?




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                  When ePOMVT is launched via agent task it uses the agent credentials to complete the task.