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    Wintech for 64bit windows7


      Hi All,


      Just need your help for Wintech for Windows 7 (64bit)


      Do you have any guide, tools, docuemnts or readymade Wintech for Windows7 64bit ???


      kindly share..


      any guidance will be appriciated



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          curious as to why you want to make a WinPE 64bit CD? Why not use a 32bit one?

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            Hi Simon,


            Thanks for reply..


            That means the same win32 WInpe or Wintech CD will work for 64bit machines ?

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              WinPe 32bit bootable cd can still be used on 64 bits machine.

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                I'm also interested (very interested I should say) on Wintech support for WinPE 3.0 x64.  The reason is related to SCCM07 task sequences.  Each SCCM task sequence is normally associated to one boot image that must have the same architecture as the operating system being deployed.  This is defined in the task sequence properties and it is not posible to switch to a different architecture during the task sequence execution.  Once the computer PXEboots with an x64 boot image there is no way to move to x86 architecture.


                Consider now a Task Sequence that fully automates a computer refreshment process: you PXE Boot an EEPC encrypted machine, load wintech to access local disk data and launch a process that extracts the local data to a server, loads an operating system image and restore back the data previously extracted. 


                Wintech support to x64 WinPE 3.0 boot images is a very must have for that. Any help or indications would be gratefully appreciated.  


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                  I guess someone who uses WinPE64 just needs to slot everything together, substituting the 64 bit drivers in place of the 32bit ones where appropriate? The application will stay the same.


                  This assumes of course that WOW64 is available on PE 64bit builds?


                  As WinTech is not scriptable, the idea of an automated SCCM task is interesting, but of course, impossible unless you want to scrape the screen and press keys.

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                    Let me ask in this way


                    Can one read a 64bit partition from a 32bit computer?

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                      let me answer it this way -  a partition is a partition, there's no "32" or "64" bit versions... Only the address bus width of the compiled code is different - nothing on thie disk is.

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                        Thanks Simon,,,


                        lol the way you answered



                        however I asked this because I got problem in reading 64bit CD on my 32bit system.. Anyway thanks again


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                          reading the CD should be fine, you won't be able to run any 64bit compiled code though under a 32bit OS?

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