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    How do you get rid of trojan   FakeAlert!fakealert-REPtrojan!!!  , tried McAfee & Norton, still have it?

      Can someone tell me real simply how to get rid of this virus?  It is called  FakeAlert!fakealert-REPtrojan!!!    and is located on my computer at  C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\InstallShield\Engine\6\Intel32\\Kernel.exe      , How do i get this out of my computer, it will not allow me to take a survey at all?  I have a McAfee subscription i pay monthly for and have for a long time, ran the scan and it showed nothing, so i ran the stinger tool , and it shows it, but it says cannot be repaired.  It won't remove it. I ran McAfee Virtual Technician, only to be told i didn't have any McAfee products downloaded, but i did have, i had the mcafee virus protection downloaded and also the stinger , but virtual technician didn't recognize them.  I stripped off McAfee, and i had a 60 day free trial on this computer when i bought it of Norton and i installed it, ran it and it doesn't catch it either.  Also downloaded Norton's tool and tried it, didn't do it either.  so now back to McAfee, i need this removed from my computer.  I have restored it back to factory every day this week and it is still on my computer.