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    epepcgina.dll failed to load after removing with wintech.


           Hi all, i got a bluescreen during the encryption process on a dell latitude e6400. The product installation when correctly, and the encryption process was more than halfway through. I rebooted the pc and got a blue screen with error msg saying unable to mount volume.


      Decided to boot the wintech and remove encryption. It did complete correctly. When rebooting in windows, i get an error msg saying : epepcgina.dll failed to load.


      In safe mode it does boot correctly. After asking around, it may be that the HIPS module block the renaming of the gina during the uninstall module. Is this something that ring a bell to someone ?


      I'm thniking about HIPS because, before testing the EEPC, we had to remove a previous encryption product that also modified the gina and we had to disable hips to not get this error. Now maybe it`s something else.... .



      thanks for your time