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    Virusscan 8.7i and Extentions



      I've noticed we have made a mistake when deplaying patches to virusscan in ePO 4.5. We are currently on Virusscan 8.7i Patch 3 but looking at where the extensions live its version is which I believe it patch 1? This came to light because Windows 7 workstations now coming into ePO were not getting virusscan polices applied to them. I believe that should have happend since patch 2?


      Can I import the patch 3 extensions directly on top of the patch 1 extesions we currently have?


      Will it effect our current polices or should they continue working as they currently are on XP workstations?


      Is there anything more I need to do to get Windows 7 workstation getting our current polices? I have read that I may need to run a SQL script to convert the polices to work with Windows 7. But not clear if it all should just work by importing the correct extensions.


      Hopefully that all makes sense!




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          It's always recomended to backup the policies before installing the extension files.


          You can install VSE 8.7 patch4 extensions over patch1.


          After installing the extensions, the build should be 195.


          Additionally make sure that you are running supported version of agent on Win7 machines (either MA 4.0 patch3 or MA 4.5).


          Extension build should be 191.

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            Thanks for the reply Hem.


            by backing up you mean exporting the virusscan policy out to XML? If installing the extensions did mess up the virusscan policy, importing the policy back in would then make it work with the extensions that I've just added into McAfee?


            Thanks again.

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              Hi Dave,


              Yes, still they work, after importing policies. Not a problem.


              However, if upgrade your extensions policy will not meshup. (unless you remove and recheck- in new extensions. we never remove extension !!!)





              Existing policies has to work , but tasks like ODS need to be recreated. Please check agove article.

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                We suggest to backup the policy (yes, exporting to xml form from Policy catalog) for safer side.


                If upgrading the extension cause any issue (most of the time, it will not do) but for safer side.

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                  Added the lastest extensions today, virusscan 8.7 patch 4 (even though we are running patch 3 as the client it was recommended to install the lastest extension). Backed up the virusscan polices first. We are now managing Windows 7 PC's correctly. Didnt need to run the VB script aganist the SQL database as they windows 7 extensions appeared in exisiting polices. Thanks for all your help.