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    Gateway Core errors


      Please see attached file.


      What does this mean?

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          [2011-03-14 23:48:51.382 -04:00] [Core] [WrongPropState] ARuleElem: RetrievePropertyValue: State of Property com.scur.engine.trustedsource.url.categories is kPropError.


          The Core process of the product wasn't able to properly distinguish the value for the property URL.Categories


          [2011-03-14 23:54:20.099 -04:00] [URLPlugin] [TSCommon] TrustedSource Error (code: TS_ERROR). In function void CTrustedSourceLibProxy::TS_RateUrlExtended(ts_handle*, ts_url*, ts_attributes*, ts_categories*, int*, int, unsigned int, unsigned int, char*, ts_rating_session**, void (*)(ts_handle*, ts_rating_session*, TS_RatingSessionType, void*), void*, in6_addr*, unsigned int, bool&).


          The URL Filtering SDK was not able to rate a URL.




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