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    Messenger connection and filtering

      I'm installing Webwasher version 6.8.5 in a company. When the function https proxy is enabled is not possible to connect msn messenger and a software called ooVoo used for conferences. How can I do to enable the connection to the https proxy enabled? One more doubt .. it is possible to filter the contacts using Webwasher?




      João Paulo Borges

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            Thank you April ..

            I'm new here and did not realize where he was placing the discussion ...

            Thanks again


            João Paulo Borges

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              You Can filter MSN logins accounts with a rule from library called "IM Authentication" test that rule if can be applied also for Oovoo!

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                I tried this into MWG 7.0... But i need this solution on the WebWasher 6.8.5 and i not found this option...

                I tried also use a Map for this application, but no sucess...



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                  first of all I would like to mention that 6.8.5 is not the latest version of MWG 6.x. You should install the latest versions, unless there are special reasons for using the older builds.


                  MWG 6.x does not have specific IM features, so you will only be able to pass the IM Traffic through the Proxy if the data is encapsulated into plain HTTP. In this case you will most likely not be able to filter anything, because applying filters will usually break the communication.


                  There is a KB article for an older version of MSN, which explains how to get the traffic through MWG, which is KB62836. Maybe some of the servers have changed meanwhile so you probably have to check the access.log for any requests from the Client Application, and check whether maybe reuire some whitelisting.


                  In regards to ooVoo I cannot give you any hints because I do not know the software. It would be required to check if it is able to utilize HTTP for communication, otherwise it won´t go through MWG.




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                    Hello Andre ...

                    Good morning .. Actually and unfortunately that was the answer I was expecting. For reasons of production still can not update the version but we plan to do this soon ...

                    I will analyze the traffic from MSN and do as described in the KB that will help me a lot already. I will then give the question as answered. Thank you.


                    João Paulo

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                      Hi all,

                      has anyone tested with the latest Messenger Versions and MWG 7.x or Webwasher 6.x??  If yes, which deployment scenario works better..


                      - changing the DNS Records like the McAfee Manuals

                      - implementing MWG or WW in a transparent szenario with WCCP, OSP or other?


                      Today customers are reporting that the newest Messenger Versions are not working with MWG any more. Anyone tested?