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    Traffic Monitor displaying ridiculous outgoing traffic

      Hi my issue mirros the issue explained in these 2 other topics:





      Neither offer a solution and are months old.


      Basically the traffic monitor is saying last month my outgoing traffic was 87,284.63GB which is just extremely ridiculous to even being close to reliable, I use to check my traffic often with Suite 9 and I never once had it display something so off. I don't leave torrents running or anything like that, but I'm pretty sure even if I did it would be physically impossible for my internet provider to even support that kind of traffic.

      Scans of my computer says it's clean, doubting it's a virus, based on the other 2 threads it seems to be a bug so any update on this bug or possible steps for me to attempt to resolve it would be helpful. I'm running Windows Vista 64bit with all the latest Windows updates.