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      trying to figure out computer wont let me acess internet or anything  keep getting messages fromrealtime spyware driving me crazy my entire life and work is on this computer . What can i do to get this off ofmy computer. I have Mcafee antivirus plus 2011

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          Please do the following:


          1.    Please  open Internet Explorer and click Tools -> Internet options.


          2.    Please  click on Connections tab.


          3.    Click LAN Settings… and a window named LAN Settings will open.


          4.    Please  uncheck all options and click on Ok.


          5.    Please  close Internet Explorer window.


          Then, Start > Run (or search for Vista/7) > MsConfig > Start up, See if you can find anything weird or unusual there.





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            Jayadeep NR




            Pleaserun McAfee stinger on your computer in safe mode and follow the step as guidedby ConorD62. Restart the computer and manually update McAfee and run a fullscan. It may fix the issue on your computer.


            Howto use stinger: