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    Font is unreadable in McAfee Security Center 10

      Hi all =)


      The font is unreadable in Security Center 10.  Let me walk you through what happend: McAfee automatically upgraded one night to v.10 (running IE8).  Then the user interface was pretty much blank.  ALmost none of the text would show up.  I worked with support and they had me run iefixdll and reboot, didn't work.  So I uninstalled and reinstalled.  Didn't help.  So to fix it I upgraded to IE9 beta which now allows me to see the text, however, it is really small and unreadable.  I think it is Helvetica, but I am not sure.  Please look at the attached files and let me know how I can fix this.  Thank you =)


      Light and Love and Healing to you all,

      -Patrick Arden McNally


      Runing Windows Vista 32-bit, upgraded to IE9 after no text would show up using IE8. 4 GB Ram, 1.8 Core 2 Duo Intel Processor

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