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    Epo Sync Mistake


      I have an epo 4.5 build 937 that sync with Active Directory.

      When I start a sync, all the systems follow the AD tree in the Epo, but after some minutes some systems (server and client) are moved under the root of the tree.

      This is a problem because the systems that go in this root, are loosing the policy.

      I can't understand why this happen.

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          Maybe you have Tag rule for some of the groups and if some the systems doesn't have the rule are moved to other group

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            Check your groups maybe they have sorting criteria and Tag rule applied and if some of your machines doesn't have te tag they are moved to different group

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              Thanx Alexander, but I don't think that the tag are the problme. They work fine.

              I think that the problem is that I have too mutch point of sync.

              I have:

              1 point of sync for the root of Ad

              1 point of sync for the OU that cointain the pc just insert in the domain and so they are without mcafee

              1 point of sync for the OU contain Servers

              and some others....

              all teh sync are scheduled except the first, the one that point to the root.

              a couple of ours ago I have start manually that sync and now seems that all work right...

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