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    File Whitelist



      Can somone advise how best to make a file white-list for downloads?


      When i create a new rule it never seems to work properly.




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          Sorry should say its web gateway 7

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            Hello and welcome,


            are you able to share some more details?


            - What exactly do you want your Rule set to do?

            - Can you share what you have already tried to do?

            - Can you let meknow what issue you have?


            If a Rule set does not work I only see two main reasons:


            1.) You are using the wrong properties/critria or acombination of both

            2.) A block rule triggers before your white list is "hit"


            Please share some more details.




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              I would like the Web Gateway to block everything except specified file types.


              I have set a block rule that always applies, and set a rule above it to detect the files and "Stop Cycle" so it does not hit the block.


              Its detecting the files that I'm having issues with. I have tried creating a "List" with the file types in, created rules along the lines of :


              ensured media type - one in list - Value : <my list>


              ensured media type - equals - Value : <my list>


              Wildcard - match - *.<fileextention>


              As well as many other variations. To be honest, i just dont know how it work, its not very intuitive.


              But it will either block everything or let everything pass through.


              Thanks for your assistance.



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                Looking at the logs, it does not seem to be detecting them meda type, there is just "" where it should be. This is the cause of my issues but how do i solve it?




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                  Also i should add this is via FTP, not HTTP.

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                    that there are not Media Types in the Log is something I have seen before, this may happen, depending on the line you are writing to the access.logs.


                    It would be beneficial if you can provide me with some screenshots or export the Rule set into an XML to allow me to have a look. with the data I have I think it SHOULD work, but there is too much you can actually do wrong with all those properties and rules, it is always better to have a look at some data.


                    If possible, please share some part of the setup with me.