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    Possible false positive - Artemis!5B69E48BCE35

      Uninstall.exe marked by McAfee as Trojan and quarantined.

      It belongs to the program 'WM Recorder'.  The distributor insists 'nothing wrong with it' (and I take it he's right).

      - http://www.wmrecorder.com/user_guide_14.htm


      (Although it might not be strictly necessary) I sent the thing to Avertlabs -- to no avail: Vista has no incryption facility and the password added with a third-party program was not recognized.

      The 'send to mcafee' in the quarantine log list doesn't work (error).


      OS: Vista Home Premium, Sp2

      Anti-virus: version 10.5, scanner 14.5


      Could somebody please tell me which 3rd party program (and which algorithm) I should use for password-protecting a zip to Avertlabs, just in case?

      Tnx in advance - JJ