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    Pushing Agent using SMS ?

      Dear All,


      I have a question, how can McAfee agent and VSE using SMS push instead of ePo push?

      How does the package identify its ePo server ?



      Mostafa Reda

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          Laszlo G

          You just need to create an ePO Agent package from your ePO server (System Tree->system tree action->new system->Create and download agent installation package) and use this agent package to deploy on your computers. This package embbeds all info about your epo server so it will work. Once you've deployed this agent you can deploy VSE as it will be handled by the agent.

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            From the McAfee Agent 4.5 product guide p26:


            The agent installation package


            A FramePkg.exe file is created when you install ePolicy Orchestrator and whenever you check

            in an agent package. It is a customized installation package for agents that report to your

            server. The package contains information necessary for the agent to communicate with the

            server. Specifically, this package includes:

            • The agent installer

            • SiteList.xml file

            • srpubkey.bin (the server public key)

            • reqseckey.bin (the initial request key)


            By default, the path of the agent installation package on the server is:

            C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy



            This is the installation package that the server uses to distribute and install agents. Other

            FramePkg.exe files are created when:

            • Agent packages are checked in to any branch of the repository (Previous, Current, or


            • Encryption key changes

            The default agent installation package contains no embedded user credentials. When executed

            on the targeted system, the installation uses the account of the currently logged-on user.


            copy the Framepkg.exe file and create a package in SMS with the commandline

            framepkg.exe /install=agent /silent

            run as admin


            You may also want to update your mof to pickup the info:

            http://myitforum.com/cs2/blogs/skissinger/archive/2008/05/15/mcafee-8-x-enterpri se-sms-def-mof-edit-configmgr.aspx

            although change it appropriately for your version etc.

            There's lots of posts about the McAfee mof.




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              Thank you very much for your answer.

              but does that mean that after installing FramePKG.exe using SMS, that the installed agents will automatically connect to server and the VSE will be pushed from ePo server ?

              Furthermore, how can I include the site listin the installation ? does the file name has to be SiteList.xml (e.g. can I use /SiteInfo=xyz.xml"  so the command will be

              framepkg.exe /install=agent /silent /SiteInfo=xyz.xml ?



              Mostafa Reda

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                Laszlo G

                If you create the package as I told before you won't need to use a site list because it's embedded inside the package, otherwise you will have to use this command:


                framepkg .exe /install=agent /siteinfo=<full path of sitelist.xml >

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                  (System Tree->system tree action->new system->Create and download agent installation package)


                  You'll want to be careful as this method will embed credentials.


                  Since you are using SMS i'm assuming you will be  running as an admin on the machines- so you'll need to watch that if something goes wrong .


                  Copying the frampkg.exe from the directory i mentioned has no embeded credentials.


                  Just a note to say that things may get confusing with rights etc if you need to troubleshoot.


                  Personally i've never used embeded credentials. Most of my installs are via a GPO startup script and then i have  a normal and a force agent install via ConfigMgr as a backup.


                  and the framepkg embeds all needed files- as i mentioned in my earlier post.