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    Security Center shuts off after computer is started.


              My problem is this:- when I start my netbook(Asus, running XP and using ATT.NET windows internet explorer 8 by Yahoo) the Mcafee shield disappears and I cannot access my e-mail via ATT explorer, it just produces a blank page. I have tried uninstalling Mcafee using "Add/Remove programs" but that doesn't work, nothing happens except thatI just get a blank Mcafee box? A few other things are happening, the "Search" from the "Start " menu does not produce any way of using it,again I just get a blank box.

        The last time my computer worked properly was at the San Francisco Airport 2 weeks ago, so, I'm suspecting some harmful virus or malicious hacking. I guess, don't use a computer on a public free access point, even if you think you are protected (McAfee Security Center).

      Any ideas???? Please.