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    Network cable not connected



      Today, I installed the 2011 version of the McAfee software, Mcafee Virusscan plus, on my PC. After installing and restarting my PC could not make contact with the Internet, displaying message

      "Network cable not connected". This is definitely "**not** the case. After this, I deinstalled the software, used the McAfee cleaning program from the McAfee site, restarted my computer, and reinstalled the 2011 version of the McAfee Software. To no avail.


      After I deinstalled McAfee Virusscan plus again, I immediately could connect to the Internet, and delayed mails started coming in.




      I have a fully opdated version of Windows XP running on my PC.

      As a temporary measure, I Installed AVG free.

      My subscription runs via my provider, XS4ALL.nl




      What could be the problem here?


      Kind regards,


      Gert de Korte

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          Hi gert1904,

          In some scenarios there happens that some users may be Unable to access the Internet after Installing a McAfee Security Suite due to an incorrect program permission with their Firewall . As soon as installation – if you could replicate it again - please follow the below steps and update us on the status;

          1. Double-click the M icon in your taskbar.
          2. Click Web and Email Protection.
          3. Click the Firewall link.
          4. In the Firewall options window, confirm that the Firewall is On.
          5. Click the Program Permissions drawer. 
          6. Scroll through the list and make note of any application rules you may have created, especially block rules. 
          7. Consider granting outbound access to programs for which you require network connectivity:

          iexplore.exe- Internet Explorer (This is a Microsoft browser.)

          If you still cannot access the Internet - Personal Firewall may be confused with the configuration of your network. This can happen when you have another firewall installed, multiple network card adapters enabled, or your Network Properties are configured improperly.


          Temporarily disable the McAfee Personal Firewall to see if you can connection to the Internet; and if all the above seems correct and still no access to internet please uninstall McAfee and Click on Usefull links at the top of this page and click on Technical support and our chat technicians would help you diagnose the issue and find out the cause.





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            Jayadeep NR

            Hi gert,


            Dinz clearly described the issue and how to fix it. There is an another easy way, open firewallsettings, and click on the "Restore Default" button and it fixed everything in my scenerio.

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              It appears I had a bad ethernet cable connection, around the time I installed McAfee 2011. Why this cable suddenly broke down I do not know. It has been in place for 3+ years. Of course this had to happen on a saturday morning :-(


              With the help of my service provider I tracked the problem down this morning and replaced the ethernet cable (20 meters - if it would have been a 1.5 meter cable I would have tested this right away). My Internet connection runs smoothly again, with McAfee 2011 installed.


              Thank you for your quick reaction.


              Kind regards,


              Gert de K.


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                Glad that your are OK now , do report back if any issues .




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                  I am sorry to have to respond so late.


                  I am still not OK., unfortunately.


                  The original problem was quickly resolved. It proved to be a hardware problem.




                  The Dutch McAfee helpdesk, which I mailed on this subject on april 7 (three weeks ago)  only sent me an automatic reply, and no significant information whatsoever since. Their  servicenumer on my complaint is 665218707


                  - I did not receieve any anwers from McAfee.com

                  - I can log in at McAfee. com  with my new password now.  It took McAfee at least a week  to fix this

                  - I removed my temporary free temporary virusscanner (AVG)

                  - I  started to download McAfee 2011. When I tried to activate my subscription, I got the message

                  In Dutch        :  "Er is een netwerkfout opgetreden. Probeer het later opnieuw"

                  In English     : "A network error has occurred. Try again later."  This happened to me weeks before, and led to my login-error.


                  I am , again, deinstalling McAfee an reinstalling AVG as a safety measure..


                  Kind regards,




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                    As a safety measure, I installed AVG.


                    Several times, I tried to replace AVG by my  trusted McAfee. Each time to no avail. When activating McAfee, I always got error "A network error has occurred. Try again later."  Until a few days ago. All of a sudden, registration went smoothly, and I am now running a fully up-to-date McAfee 2011.


                    Cause of the problem? I do'nt know. It appears to me that McAfee has corrected some error in its activation procedure.

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