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    EEFF 3.2.6


      I already know that nobody will tell me the release date, but can somebody at least say if it will be out sometime this or next week/month/quarter/year/decade/century?


      <rant>3.2.5 is pretty broken and I’m really sick of hearing, "it's fixed in the next release", or my personal favorite,"that’s fixed in version 4" until either one of those materializes into a downloadable package nothing is fixed. Until then it is just vaporware that support and account managers use to get you off their backs. </rant>


      on 3/11/11 2:00:31 PM GMT-05:00
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          this century,decade,year,quarter,month


          but not today or next week.


          close enough for you? Sorry for the delay, but had a couple of last minute changes for some (rightly) demanding customers.

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            so i guess my/our customer isn't "rightly demanding enough" You don't have to fix all the problems in this minor release, just the ones in the KB that say "fixed in 3.2.6" we can save some corrections for 3.2.7. well maybe, from what i was told, "we won't be adding features to v3x anymore, you'll have to upgrade to 4"

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              I must admit, I would rather spend effort on v4 - getting everything in one management environment is pretty important. It might be that your customer's fixes were already in 3.6, but other customers fixes were not, or it could be that your fixes were the ones who caused us to take more time over the release.


              maybe next month you'll have happy things to say about it

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                I probably will, fixing problems makes me look good.


                P.S. Its Friday, stop trolling the forums and go out and enjoy your weekend.