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    McAfee EUSB SanDisk not Provisioning


      I have about 90 of these devices which we are trickling out to our users, however a process that seemed flawless in our lab environment is now proving anything but.

      When I attach a new out of the box McAfee SanDisk drive into my or another users USB port I receive the following message.."The device may not be provisioned in an unmanaged environment"


      This problem is not ordinary and has my McAfee tech stumped, so i am reaching out to the community to see if anyone else has experienced this and if so what the resolution was.


      1. McAfee EUSB SanDisk 8GB Drive

      2. Dell Workstation, WindowsXP SP3 (x86)

      3. McAfee Agent 4.5 patch 2

      4. ePO 4.5 latest patch

      5. EUSB 1.4 (checked into ePO)

      6. VirusScan Enterprise 8.7 (Installed on host)

      7. AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.7 (Installed on host)

      8. HIPS 7.0 (Installed on host)

      9. HDLP 3.0 (Installed on host)

      10. EUSB Client (Installed on host, all policies applied)


      Now the specifics


      I have an open ticket with Platinum Support.


      I have had mixed success with these drives, for example I will connect one to my workstation and it was immediately recognized and I was able to configure it to be managed by ePO.  I plugged in a second SanDisk drive, I received the "The device may not be provisioned in an unmanaged environment" message and was unable to initialize the second drive.  I removed the first drive from the EUSB Manager in ePO and recycled it using the tool provided by McAfee Platinum Support.  I attempted to reinitialize the first SanDisk and I received the "The device may not be provisioned in an unmanaged environment".  I have another workstation in my office with the same configuration as mine that has had no issues initializing either the first or second SanDisk drive.  I have run PerfMon/TCPView/Wireshark and other system monitoring tools in an attempt to determine what the cause might be, all with no luck.  I have removed all the installed McAfee software products from my workstation with the exception of the EUSB Client and the McAfee agent, i verified that the system was communicating with ePO by removing the files in the "STORE" folder and letting ePO replace them using the "Enforce Policies" button on the Agent Status Monitor.  All the policies were replaced as expected.  I plugged in the first drive and it was recognized by EUSB and allowed me to initialize it and configured the password and user information.  I recycled the device attempting to duplicate the success, I performed this several times receiving both success and failures...very perplexing.  I was finally able to get the SanDisk configured and the initialization process repeatable with success, I reinstalled all the McAfee software products and attempted to insert the SanDisk.  I received a separate error message.  I recycled the device and was back to square one "The device may not be provisioned in an unmanaged environment".  This is where I am currently sitting.


      I have had a webex session with McAfee Platinum Support and we were unable to determine the cause for this issue.  There were no events noted in either the Windows or McAfee logs.


      Thx in advance...