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    Master Repository Blank


      Yesterday I  had upgraded my Server 2008 R2 to SP1 and restarted, things seemed to be ok. But today I noticed in my dashboard it said

      DAT:Not present

      So I went into the Master respository and see the whole page is blank. I can't even click on the action button as it does nothing. Did SP1 hose me? How do I add it back and more importanly where did it go? I am running ePO4.5 build 937

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          Is master repository corrupted?


          What is result when you run the repository queries (from query builer, new query=>Logging=>repositories=>select table=> rest of the windows are self explanatory.


          Do you see that master repository is corrupted? If yes then we have to rebuild the master repository as per KB#:KB53736.

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            Shows it as idle


            Master repository idle

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              ok, if I follow the article and delete the software folder my repository comes back, but as soon as I check in a package  "WindowsInstallFiles.Zip" it automatically corrupts again, or shows me the same page I saw before, blank. I don't even see the columns. Something is seriously wrong

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                If you have additional ePO server (running same version andsame patch) then I will suggest to replace RepositoryMgmt.xml (backup first) file to \Program files\McAfee\ePO\Sever\Conf\Catlina\Localhost).


                Restart the ePO services and see if the issue resolved orelse, will suggest to log a case with support.

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                  This thread helped me




                  apparently my key was bad. Deleted the wrong key, had the new one added and then treated the reporitory as corrupt and now it all works again. I had upgraded to a new server but inported the old keystore. Was going to key the same name and IP but went another direction. When old server was removed from DNS then the repository went haywire.\


                  Thanks for your help Hem.