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    Incoming message stamp?   Alter the subject line.


      Cybersecurity has asked:   Can we add the word "EXTERNAL" to the beginning of the subject line, for incoming messages?  

      The idea would be to visually cue our employees that e-mail has originated from the outside, even if it appears to have an internal employee's email/reply address.


      Two qualifications:




      I would not want to see the word "EXTERNAL" repeated multiple times on the subject line, in the case where a message topic becaume a series of replies in-and-out of the company.


      For example this would be undersirable:   "EXTERNAL: RE:  EXTERNAL  RE:  EXTERNAL:   Request for product information"





      I would want to exclude certain domains from this rule, because certain domains which are external to our main organization, are actually related businesses that have their own email systems.

      In other words, almost all incoming e-mail would be labeled as "EXTERNAL" on the subject line, with the exception of domains "@RELATEDCOMPANY1.COM" and "@RELATEDCOMPANY2.COM"





      I see this as similar to a message stamp, but for inbound messages.



      Thanks for any suggestions!