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    EPO rogue sensors and subnets


      We currently use EPO 4.5 with the latest patches.  We also use a Agent Handler in our DMZ to support or mobile community.  I am trying to figure out a way to efficiently manage our "Uncovered Subnets" in RSD.  Now that computers can checkin from outside IP addresses I get a mass amount of uncovered subnets.  Is there a way to have EPo to automatically ignore subnets who have ip addresses outside a range or a subnet that is not  IS there also a way to run a task to automatically delete or detect subnets that have not computers managed anymore under them.

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          I am not running ePO 4.5 but 4.0. In 4.0 you can create a query for the subnets not equal to Doesn't look like you can automate in 4.0 since the option is not available to delete subnet. Atleast with the query you can just run the query then select all and choose delete and or whatever option you want. Again this is on 4.0 so check your automation options in 4.5 they could of been updated.




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            You should take a look and play with automatic responses and you can define what actions to be taken based on creteria created by you.

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              I am familiar with Automatic responses and uses them to automate many actions, but if you know a specific way to do this with automatic responses please let me know.  I can find a way with Automatic Responses to do this