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    File Locking

      I run an application that creates and deletes files very quickly.  It is failing because, I think, the Realtime scanner is locking the file.  If I disable that feature, the app runs just fine.  Do not have this problem with MS Security Essentials.  Any thoughts on what to recommend to the developers on this problem?

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          Probably it is in the process of scanning the file. Any way to slow down a tad the rate of creation/deletion?


          Will ask our tech but as it not a common issue ie noone else complained the chance of a fix is low.

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            Please update us with the following information’s:


            Name of the application:


            Version of installed McAfee Product:

            (Navigation: Open McAfee product > Click Navigation on the top right)

            • McAfee Security Center:
            • McAfee Virus Scan:

                    DAT version:

            • McAfee Personal Firewall:


            Is any other antivirus installed on the same PC (If Yes) name of the antivirus:

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              The application is Aspen PIMS from Aspen Technology, Inc.   www.aspentech.com


              I have uninstalled the software but it was the version that came with the Dell Studio XPS 16 laptop.  I could reinstall and get the correct information if you need it.

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                You can give full permission to the “PIMS” application as shown below:


                Navigation: Open McAfee Security center > Select Firewall > Select Settings on the right pane > Select Program Permission > Select ADD in the bottom > Then select Browse, which will open up a new window where you can able to add the PIMS application (.exe, .dll) files as shown below:

                Firewall Settings 0.JPG

                Firewall Settings 1.JPG

                Firewall Settings 2.JPGFirewall Settings 3.JPG

                Firewall Settings 4.JPG