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    EEPC 6.0.2 Machine Disjoined from domain


      If I have a Windows 7 machine that was a member of my domain and was fully encrypted with EEPC 6.0.2 and that machine was removed from the domain  and then re-added to the domain. Would there be any complications involved in re-adding this machine to the domain? That has happend on one of our machines. We can login to the EEPC Pre-boot screen but we cannot login to Windows with any user account local or domain. The only choice we have for Domain in the drop down box is the local machine. Thanks.

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          Hi Kink80, for the lack of someone more experienced answering, have you tried the EEtech CD with an Emergency Boot ? I'm not sure if that will let you past the Pre-Boot, but you might be able to set the policy for that machine to not require EE logon. I'm kinda shooting in the dark, I havne't pulled a machine off the domain to test it, but that EETech CD is probably a good start.

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            The EETech CD can only really remove EEPC, It can't change the policy.


            The most likely explanation is that the OP does not have a valid local user/password - not something we can help with. If the Windows domain does not appear in the dropdown then it would seem the machine did not successfuly join

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              Thanks for the reply toddc. I think this was an issue with Windows rather than EEPC. The machine was wiped re-imaged and we still could not log in using the local admin account. After imaging for the second time the computer allowed the local admin account to login. It just seemed weird that we could login through EEPC pre-boot login screen but could not log in to Windows with any account after re-joining the machine to the domain.

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                Yeah Kink80, with Windows 7 the builtin Administrator account is disabled by default and the local admin account you create on installation allows the password to expire after 90 days. So, if you leave the domain after that period it will toss you the invalid credentials box. I use WDS to image our machines, not sure what you image with, but now I place a checkmark in the "User cannot change password" and "Password never expires" boxes for the local admin account.

                Glad you got it working though!