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    Artemis!8CBE6FC5C432  What is this? How do I get past it?

      Hi, I'm brand new at this and not a technophobe so please keep it simple.


      I'm trying to install an External Hard Drive but when I put in the installation CD and click on the item to install I immediately get a message from my McAfee security program that a trojan has been detected and removed and it will not let me install. When I go into McAfee Internet Security program it tells me that this file has been detected and removed. When I researched this file it says that it is a malicious virus. I don't know what to do next;  I just want to install my new hard drive. I'm very confused.  Is Toshiba really sending out installation CDs with trojans?  Do I return this hard drive and get a new one or will they all indicate the same thing from my McAfee security program?  Please, will someone help me?