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    Incompatibility with a RAID Storage Controller?


      We have an compattibility issue with DLP and a Dell Optiplex 780.  This issue is that the machine goes into a constant reboot cycle after DLP is installed.  I have opened a SR with McAfee on this, but I would find it hard to believe we are the ones who have seen this.  This issue occurs when the SATA drive is set to 'RAID ON'.  When we switch to legacy mode of ahci, etc, we do not see the problem.


      Dell Optiplex 780

      With 'Raid ON' in the BIOS A8

      Raid Controller:


      Intel ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/5 Series/3400 Series SATA RAID Controller


        • 1. Incompatibility with a RAID Storage Controller?

          I have worked around this issue by changing "SCSI and RAID Controllers" from a managed class to an unmanaged class.  Apparently just having this included in managed (without any policies) was enough to cause an issue these machines with the Intel SATA RAID controller.  Funny they have a compatibility issue with their own controller.


          I am following up with support to find a resolution to this other than the workaround.