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    False Positive Help

      Hello, I’m trying to get some help to get a false positive issue resolved.

      I have submitted the file in question via email (Analysis ID: 6549491) and webimmune(Analysis ID: 6549507), and I the only response I get is that the current detection can clean the virus.

      The problem of course is there is no virus.  I have also submitted the file to virustotal.com (link below) and only McAfee and Panda seem to think there is a problem.

      http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=4d8cf85262357c0e5dce8c103b867 bdaafb5341ede0b182b91f5822c694b68ae-1299687964

      This is a blocking issue for our customer and I need to get it resolved ASAP


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi Brandonw,


          Please put the word false in the header, and resend it.





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            Thanks for the reply but I did that.  The first time I submitted the subject was "false positive", the second time I submitted it the subject was just "false".  I submitted 3 times (2 email 1web) because I did not receive any kind of response and then yesterday I got 3 responses all within a few minutes of each other.


            If there is anything else that I need to do please let me know I really need to get this resolved soon as we are schedule to start burning trial CD's next week.



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              You guys can't add an exception to the policy on your McAfee product?

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                Unfortunately that is not an option.  This product is going to ship 80k units a month so trying to explain that to any customer that has McAfee is not a real solution.

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                  Can anyone here give me an idea of how long this process can take?  I originally submitted the file on Monday and have yet to receive any kind of non-automated response.  I tried calling support and I don’t think they really have any idea what a false positive is or what to do about it.

                  AVG was able to correct the issue in less than a day, Panda took 50 minutes and VIPER corrected it in 20 minutes.

                  The lack of communication from McAfee is extremely frustrating.

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                    Just to help any other software vendors that may also have this issue with McAfee it seems the best way to get results is to send an email to mb_vendor_questions@mcafee.com.  There are actual humans that read that in box.