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    how to replace gifs with other objects?

      hi all,


      I'm new to this community and webgateway 7.x but I remember such a functionality in 6.x that I could replace some objects (gifs for example) with something else like jpeg.


      Is it stll possible to do it in 7.x?

      For example I blocked some flash movies but instead of this I want to present a picture that watching movies is not allowed durign work hours


      any ideas? help will be appriciated





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        • 1. how to replace gifs with other objects?



          with the HTML Opener you can actually strip specific objects from Websites. I have tried this by inserting text, but instead of inserting text it should be possible to also add a < img > html tag which loads up a picture at the position you want it to see.


          Can you quickly send me your eMail address through, then I can forward you some samples I have created for a different customer.