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    Cannot login to Windows machine...



      I rolled out the McAfee VSE 8.8 just under two weeks ago and have been investigating problems with machines (roughly 9 machines) where users cannot login any more. What happens is they turn on their machines in the morning (running Windows XP SP3) and login as usual but are then presented with the desktop background.... and that's it. You cannot CTRL+ALT+DEL or anything really. So all that's left is to do a hard reset. If I login (domain admin) its goes straight through and after that the user can then login. Nothing has changed on the users machines at all except for McAfee and this has started to happen. Even stranger is if I remove the network cable and then have them login it works fine, using the cached credentials. I then simply plugin the network cable again and they are sorted. Until next reboot obviously. Have tried a few things like re-creating profiles, re-adding to the domain, etc. It now comes down to McAfee and I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before?


      We have EPO 4.5 and that is how the agents (4.5 also) were distributed. The machines were upgraded from version 8.7i to 8.8. Most machines (100+) have taken the install gracefully but I fear they have gone wrong on these ones.


      I have removed them from EPO (agent removal too) and then had them re-added (via RSD) but it was also weird that they only started communicating with the EPO server the next day, after a restart. This is usually done within 5 minutes.


      Anyway does anyone have and ideas as to what might be happening, if you need more info please just ask.





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