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    Sensor Connection


      We have moved our old ePO server to a new sever, basically started over. I have moved everythign over. Now when the old sensors come in some never made it. Some are stil going to the old server. Although they have the updated client. After I moved to the new server I made a new frame package, so I know the agent is correct. Other sensors are working as I suspect, but some never change over. How can I change th epointer of the sensor so it talks to the new ePO server? The sitelist.xml shows the correct information of where the agent should go

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          I'm assuming you mean the RSD sensor - is that correct?


          In that case (as long as the machine is communicating with ePO correctly) in the first instance I'd try reinstalling the sensor on one machine - does that help?


          Regards -



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            Yes, a RSD, sorry.


            I have tried to reinstall a sensor on multiple machines, still doesn't help. I also cannot uninstall, gives a fatal error. I have also ran uninstall from the ePO server as well, it creates a task and then nothing really happens. Looking at the machine in ePO it all shows good, Sensor install and everything, correct version too

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              In policy catalog you should change the destination IP and port.also what is the version of the old sensors and the new one?? maybe you need extension for the old one check and post comment

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                The policy catalog on the ePO server? it is pointed to the correct server. The sensors are the exact same sensor version as on the old ePO. I cannot install an older agent extension while 4.5 is installed so will it allow me to add a older sensor version while the new one is on? I was able to remove and install some workstations and they show up normally but every hour they go to passive and then back to uninstalled. or sometimes back to active. But one server is where my problem is, I cannot uninstall or install that sensor.

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                  What is the number or sensors per subnet. You should install sensor on dhcp server.could you attach copy of sensor log and agent log. Which port is configure for the sensor ?

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                    its not ideal but as a workaround where I had old sensors of other types then unsupported in the later versions of epo I've just created an uninstall package based on the installer but using the uninstall switches packed using packagefortheweb4 ( took about 5 minutes) into an executable that I can apply via pstools.

                    So I just send a command to run that executable on problem sensors ( the executable has to be on the local machine) and it uninstalls the old sensors pretty well.


                    Bit of a bodge but it works, may have to switch down access protection rules on machine first depending on what you have set.

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                      We have 1 per subnet, sometimes 2 on the bigger ones. We do not touch our dhcp server as it is Netware. The rogue sensors versions are the exact same, we didn't upgrade those as we are on the latest version. Ports are default. None of those are the problem, the problem is sensor log still shows it  pointing to the old server how do I change that when I cannot uninstall it? The McAfee Agnet is correct, it has the sitelist.xml the is current and pointing to the correct server.


                      I will attach logs when I get to work.

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                        Hi Scoutt,



                        this path is on xp machine

                        Run Regedit, hkey_local_machine\software\mcafee\rsd\sensor\ there is a key with name "server name" you could modify this key with that one you need.

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                          Thanks alexander_h, that helped I think. I have to wait for DNS to propergate but we will see.


                          Now yeserday I was able to uninstall some sensors and re-add them and they all worked, but I noticed that most of them went to passive then they went to "uninstalled" but I view the agent info and everythign is correct, it still talkes to the device. So, once DNS propergates thsoe should clear up too? why do they get defined as uninstalled?

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