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    ePO 4.5 not deploying endpoint products


      We are deploying DLP via ePO 4.5 build 937.  The McAfee agent on the endpoints is  One of my colleagues who works in a different office called and said that he was noticing the DLP is not getting deployed to some of the machines in his office.  He went on to explain that if he went to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\Current, deleted the DATALOSS2000 directory and re-ran the McAfee Agent install, it would then install.  He happened to have an affected machine at his desk so I remoted into the machine to see if I could duplicate the issue.  I followed his instruction by deleting the aforementioned directory and reinstalling the McAfee Agent.  When this completed, I forced an update from the ePO server and nothing happened.  I waited a few minutes and then performed a collect and send props from the agent monitor on the machine.  It connected to the ePO server, but again, nothing happened.


      I then went on to make sure that all of the deployment tasks were set correctly.  The tasks were set properly so I decided to fully remove all McAfee products, with the exception of EEPC 5.2.3, from the machine and start from scratch. So I removed VSE 8.7i P3, McAfee Anti-Spyware 8.7, mNAC 3.2.0 and the McAfee Agent, then deleted all of the directories associated with McAfee and rebooted the machine.  After rebooting I remoted back in and then pushed the McAfee Agent from the ePO server.  After the successful installation of the McAfee Agent, I opened the McAfee Agent Status Monitor and performed a collect and send props.  The agent connected to the server and began installing the products.  This time it successfully installed DLP at which time I rebooted the machine to complete the install.  After remoting back in, I performed another collect and send props at which time the mNAC installation would not even kick off.  I tried many different ways to get the install to start, but no luck.


      I have attached the agent log to see if anyone can provide some insight as to why this may be happening.  If more information is needed please advise.  Thanks.