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    QuickClean doesn't do cookies?

        QuickClean isn't deleting tracking cookies, even tho set to delete cookies.  [Vista Home Prem; 32-bit; latest McAfee]  Fullscan says I have 25,000+ tracking cookies and 1 trojan!!!...doesn't fix any of it.  There used to be a setting to auto-remove in full scan?...I cannot find where to set it in the newest McAfee [2010]??? 

        Also [1], when I run "Quarantine Potential Problem programs and Tracking cookies" it DOES seem to see them, but the process just STOPS [run many times; 6 hrs once]..freezes, guess because too many.  Also [2], McAfee Chat - can't download Chat sftwr, even after giving permission, just blank screen... no email response in several days, other than problem number.

         (Yes, I installed a registry cleaner about 9 mos ago, and see on the discussions it is a possible problem; should I remove it?).

         I cannot seem to find where these 25,000 tracking cookies reside on my harddrive, so that I can just manually delete them.

         Frustrated after the 1-200 hrs of banging my head against the wall!


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          Hi rayucon,

          When you select Programs and Cookies from the Restore screen in the McAfee SecurityCenter Advanced menu and,if you choose to Remove some (or all) of the listed items, McAfee SecurityCenter only reports the deletion of program items.Although not listed, tracking cookies are also deleted.

          To see the results for any suspicious files, click View Results so that we could find the location where the rojan is present on your pc .





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            Hi Rayucon,


            Please see if you can send the QuickClean Screens to us. This will help us analyze better.


            You can delete the cookies by selecting the browser from the QuickClean drawer and then selecting the cookies option.




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              DINZ - I saw this answer from last yr, it must refer to Internet Security - 2009; I have 2010 [w/auto-updates].  None of the references mentioned are the same: no Advanced settings, no Restore, etc.  What there is is "Quarantine & Trusted Items" under Navigation & Features.  There, the "potential problem programs" appears to detect the 25k tracking cookies and trojan; ...they are not in quarantine, & don't get quarantined .  But the process freezes, and also freezes IE [IE8].

                 I can't get a screen print; all the Results options are grayed out [delete/trust/send to McAfee].

                 I once was able to get a file path for one cookie, but it didn't exist on my HD =  C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\Low\... filename.  I also searched on Filename ... on "Low" - none found.  "Cookie" search found empty folders [search inclu hidden/sys files], and a few files not cookies.

                 I run Full Scan every night with same found stats [1 trojan & 25,000-and growing tracking cookies].  Eg, nothing gets deleted.

                 I have QuickClean set to detect all choices, except Sent Email.


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                You have a couple of McAfee techs dealing with this so I won't jump in : they know what they're doing.


                However, I can add a couple of bits if information. McAfee now intercepts and deletes a range of tracking cookies, but not all of them. You can configure your browser to delete cookies on exiting a browser session (different browsers have different ways of doing this). Many cookies can slip through the net, so having a program like CCleaner on your system is essential - run this regularly and you will see which cookies are being stored. The QuickClean option in Mcafee Security Center won't give you any details, but just tells you how many it's deleted.


                As for the quarantined cookies : McAfee stores them in encrypted form, and if you try to use McAfee's deletion method to get rid of 25000 of them you'll be waiting a long long time for the process to complete. Better to find the directory where they're stored, remove any access protection on the directory and/or files, and delete them from Windows or DOS.


                The directory path where they're stored is different for XP and Vista (I don't know about Windows 7).

                In XP the path I have is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine and all the files in there have an extension of .bup

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                  Hayton - thanz for your help.  CCLEAN was a great suggestion, and am using free version.

                  However, I have Vista Home Prem and cannot find where the quarantined items are - McAfee's Features/Quarantined and Trusted items continues to hang.  I can't find paths, can't get screen shots, can't send/delete/.. anything to the techies ... whom haven't responded since.

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                    I have the latest McAfee, and it has none of the paths you mention.

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                      I believe that in order to send you have to disable the real time scanner.If I`m not mistaken.I am sure someone can verify that.Plus it can only be a certain size file.Also when using ccleaner Be careful with the registry portion of that program.The cleaner portion works very well.

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                        I hang in "Features/Quarantined and Trusted Items", and I mean hang ... cannot take screen shots, not paste them into a reply, or via a WORD doc.  I don't know what a "drawer" is, but I have cookies selected in QC. 

                           What I wish to do is remove the 26,000 cookies and 1 Trojan from my PC, which appear to be all quarantined, but which is too much for the Features option to handle ... i can't get far enough to have the options [Remove/sendto MacAfee..] work.  I let it run solo for 12 hrs .. it never completes.

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                          Jayadeep NR

                          Rayuconn, please go to C:\ProgramData\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine and clear the folder by deleting all the files in it and try to open the “quarantined and Trusted Items”. You have lots of tracking cookies and infection quarantined by McAfee. McAfee is unable to list this much items and lead to system freeze. I believe that we can fix this by this method.

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