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    Unscheduled scan disrupting Liberty4

      I have Virusscan Console 8.7 running on a server which hosts the Library Application Liberty 4.


      At more or less the same time every day Liberty 4 hangs and becomes unusable on all client PCs. It will stay like that for around 3-4 hours. When this happens the mcshield.exe process is active, and if I end the mcsheild.exe from task maanger, Liberty 4 becomes available for use again.


      There had been no scheduled viruscan on the server, so I thought that it was defaulting to run a scan at that time every day. So I setup a full scan for 10pm and a Fixed Disk scan for midnight as well as reducing system utilization on both to 50%. However the issue is still occuring.


      I have now excluded the Liberty 4 folders from On Access Scanning, but I'm not confident this will resolve the problem, as if this were the problem, the issue should be occuring all day.


      How do I found out what's kicking off the McSheild.exe process and stop it or delay it?