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    Detections not being reported to Admin Console


      Since the 28th Feb , all 30+ of our systems have stopped reporting any detections to the SaaS Admin web console.  Seems to coincide with the mandatory 5.2.1 upgrade.

      No changes have been made to any policies or any systems.  Since March 1 there is no data.

      Some systems have been checked and they contained quarantined cookies / files that were previously reported.


      Seems to be a problem with the reporting mechanism which needs to be resolved.


      Advice welcomed . . .




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          Hi Osmondo,


          I have read your post.


          Please let us know if the detections are not being listed in the Security center console on the computer.


          Please open the quaratined/PUP lists on the McAfee Security center and check if they are listed there.


          Please send us a screnn shot of the message that you get or the screen that you see.



          Pritish P.

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            Hello Pritish -

            Above - ZERO Detections

            You hopefully can see from the  4 screen shots that in Feb multiple detections reported across the board and listed in the security center.  This month nothing. Also attached is the result of a scan run on a PC this month ( the Quarantine List ) , and those detections were NOT reported.  There is no indication of any errors.  Jusr abaence of information regarding detections.  This all started about the same time as the 'final date' for cutover to 5.2.1


            Last 7 days - ZERO detections reported


            Feb 2011 - ( and previous months multiple detections, mainly tracking cookies )



            Quarantine files on a PC scanned this month - but not reported on the admin console



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              Hi - This seems routine when mcafee do an update - the reporting disappears from security center. I pretty much give up on even reporting this to mcafee as it happens regularly.


              But, for the record - our reporting has disappeared as well, ie no detections since the update and we know we have detections, its just not making it either to the securoty center (god forbid mcafee dare ask me to uninstall - dont even think of going there ever again....) or hopefully, the server side simply cant cope with upgrades and reporting and when the upgrades are all done we will get our reports back which will tell us just how screwed up all our nodes are by the virus attacks we cant see...


              ...because we have no central reports.


              Excuse the cynicism....but thats the way it has been, is, and as far as i can see, will continue to be with the product...


              2.5 out of 5 stars




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                Argint - thanks for the info.  Comforting, in a machochistic sort of way, to know its not just us !!

                This is the first occurence since we started to used McAfee SaaS/TPS, and I hope it is resolved very soon without having to ask users to re-install.

                If McAfee were 'legally responsible' for any consequential damage done by the fact that malware reports were not available maybe they would system test their 'upgrades' a little more thoroughly.


                Let's hope there is a prompt and viable situation to this problem very soon.

                Thanks again,


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                  Hi Osmondo,


                  The issue that you are facing is common after the 5.2.1 upgrade.


                  McAfee is aware of this issue and we have already escalated this case to the development team.


                  We will surely update you with the result after we hear from the Engineering/development team.



                  Pritish P.

                  • 6. Detections not being reported to Admin Console

                    Any update on McAfee with this issue?  There is also a known issue with the firewall in 5.2.1 not reporting blocked application in the security center.  This has been confirmed as well from McAfee as I had a ticket open for this and that was the response that it is now with the developers.

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                      From the reply from Pritish it is possible to infer that these issues were expected !!! ??

                      I also have raised a service request, and they said I needed to call technical support and arrange for them to connect remotely and fix my system.

                      By that it would appear they have a fix ??  If so publish it for all to use, and very soon.


                      Why was the 5.2.1 update rolled out if it was prone to errors?.  Was it really Beta tested ??  We will never know.

                      Meanwhile, as Argint says, we will just have to wait till the problem is resolved to see how many of our systems have been potentially screwed up my malware.


                      A sad state of affairs for a product that is marketed as a Corporate Security tool.

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                        Hi _ McAfee wont publicly admit they know it will happen. But *I* fully expect it to happen after each upgrade and randomly at other times. - . Simply because thats exactly what it does.


                        It was far worse at the beginning, ie consistency of reports etc. I still bite my lip when I read some of them anyway.


                        I would advise you not to rely on the widgets on the dashboard for anything too meaningful.


                        If you are looking fr detections, I wuld advice the actual report itself. Ignore the cookies and check the malware reports, buffer overflows etc.


                        As for the detection history report? Its a joke, a complete joke, ey candy. No serious credible engineer could take it seriously.


                        Its a silly graph of cookie detections that basically tells you very little othe rthan - "you have lots of cookies"


                        Best of luck! You will need it!!





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                          Argint - Indeed , we have never put much emphasis on using the "widgets". Its been is use for a couple of years, and this is the first time something like this has happened.  Another instance, and we'll find an alternative service as this is unacceptable.


                          Reports: Agree, we only use the malware / PUP /overflow counts and details as you suggest.




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