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    Scan files settings in On access scan (8.7oi) possible affecting performance in SQL Server 2008

      Can I get some guidance on how to set up On access scan for a MS SQL 2008 database server on MS Windows 2008 (NOT R2, by vendor specification). Specifically, the settings in On Access Properties Default Process, Scan items - --  there are two checkboxes "Scan Files" "when Writing to disk", and "When reading from disk". Should these boxes be checked for a server that is running SQL server 2008? If they are checked, is there unecessary overhead when the dtabaes are accessed potentiall negatively impacting performance Any other suggestions/hints/best practices on how to configure Mcafee for a dtabase server like this are welcome.


      btw We are using Deltek CostPoint as ERP and I would welcome hearing from other users of McAfee using this ERP as well.