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    Mcafees new format from att.

      After Mcafee updated there new format i was unable to open any web pages from either IE or Firefox. So I uninstalled Mcafee and also ran a patch mcafee cleaner to delete any previous files. Then reinstalled Mcafee from att. After install unable to open any web pages form either browser. If I restore my pc to a point where the previous mcafee format was it works fine. But with the new format i am unable to open any web page from either browser. I have turned off firewalls but still same issue. I restored default settings on Mcafee but still same issue. The only way I can open any web pages is to uninstall mcafee. My internet connection is always there. Anyone out there have simular problems with Mcafee from att please reply! Thanks!.........P.S. Also, if any one has a fix please reply! I have been dealing with phone tech support, but they are turning it in over to some higher techs who will be cintacting me during the week!


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        • 1. Mcafees new format from att.

          Not running a proxy in your internet settings?


          By firewalls how many are you running?

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              I would like to know some information before we proceed further.


              1. Type of your Operating system with service pack details (Ex :windows Xp,Windows Vista ,Windows 7).
              2. What is Name of the package (EX : Total Protection,virus scan ....etc).
              3. Have you done any hardware changes most recently (EX :System restore ,Reformat,.....etc).
              4. Are you getting any Malware or Trojan alert.
              5. What is your home page in IE ? (Google,yahoo etc...)


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              Not running any proxys! Only Mcafee firewall.

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                Windows Xp serv pack2. No hardware changes, system restore, or format. No trojans or malware. att.net is homepage on IE and firefox. Gonna try to install mcafee with out the firewall. gonna use windows firewall and see what happens.

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                              I would like you run complete windows update and  download McAfee...

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                    Ok. I have wiped my system clean and reinstalled windows, and ran all updates for windows! I went to att member center and downloaded Mcafee complete. I am still having same problem! Internet connection is there but unable to open web pages from any site! In internet explorer it sais web site found waiting for reply but no pages load! Its got to be something simple! Please help!!!

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                      As you said has to be something simple

                      Try resetting IE to default that is in tools internet options advanced.


                      Close IE and reopen any help.


                      If not have you tried another browser such as Firefox this time?


                      Resest mcafee's firewall to default and check its security setting is not on lockdown.


                      Another test is disable firewall only does internet work? Do you have familty protection nstalled if so disable this and retry.


                      If no chop Prakash can you please remote into mike's PC and see what is awry.



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                        Ok. I have restored defaults to IE and mcafee firewall. Still no luck! I turned off Firewall in mcafee and windows and still no luck! Do not have family protection. One weird thing is IE or firefox does not open web pages. Itunes cannot connect either. Itunes says it could not connect to store because network connection timed out! But Frostwire is able to connect with no problem!! GO FIGURE! Another weird thing, i uninstalled mcafee and restarted my pc. After boot up windows security center states that mcafee is installed and running? So i ran the mcafee removal tool and upon running it it froze!! So i closed it and reopened it and now sais that I cant run it because its already running, which its not! Restarted computer and tryed to run the mcafee cleaner again, and again it states that its already running! Now I am at a dead stop since I cant run the mcafee cleaner! What now!!

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                          Reinstall mcafee I suppose that might allow you to remove it again?

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