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    6.7.2 SWD Cluster Question

      We are looking at implementing an SWD Push cluster in 6.7.2 and I know there are a lot of caveats with this product.  However, we need to know if we can bring a second SWD encryption applinace on later and replicate all accounts to it? 


      If this is not possible, I need to know what the process is if one of the appliances fails.  Is there a recovery option or can you do a backup and restore to another cluster member (after of course disabling the cluster functionality)?



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          I just verified this with support and it appears that to enable clustering on a second appliance at a later date do the following:


          1. Ensure that clustering is NOT enabled.
          2. Perform a backup of the primary Encryption Appliance.  Remeber that the backup feature goes away when you enable clustering so it is only a snapshot of the encryption keys and appliance configuration at that time.
          3. Restore the backup on a stock Encryption box (with the same OS and HFs), etc. but don't overwrite the IP and system name (.i.e. Fully Recovery I believe).
          4. Configure the primary encryption "cluster" server.
          5. Configure the "cluster" backup(s).
          6. Pray the your primary never fails or you will have to reconfigure routing.
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