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      can you please tell me what can the MVT do if i deploy it in my network, to support McAfee Agent , and VirusScan Enterprise ?


      what is the limitation , will it affect network ?



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          Some of the features of ePOMVT are:

          • ePO Administrator will be able to either manually or schedule MVT Health check and remediation of McAfee products (McAfee Agent and VirusScan Enterprise in your case) on end nodes
          • MVT health check and remediation in silent mode on the end nodes
          • ePO Administrator will be able to schedule an MVT scan, with or without remediation, on any managed node.
          • ePO administrator will have an option on deciding whether health check report from the end nodes can be uploaded to McAfee MVT Server or not.
          • ePO administrator will be able to do Selective Health Check and Remediation.
          • Handling machine reboot requirement.
          • Update MVT client and content onto the endnodes.
          • ePO MVT will report onto the ePO Server.


          Attaching the WalkThrough Guide for your Convenience. You could also find details on, http://mer.mcafee.com/enduser/downloadepomvt.aspx


          It will not affect network, it is just a product deployment and task assignment similar to other products managed by ePO. Please go through the WalkThrough guide completely for system requirements and deployment steps.