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    Has anyone else had a cookie Atwola detected?


      Every scan this cookie is detected and quarantined- who or what is it- I have looked all over for it, can it be deleted and taken out? It comes back in every scan. By the way, my scanning is just fine, about 2 hours, updates coming in daily. I am having no problems with the new interface. Poodles5- 

        • 1. Has anyone else had a cookie Atwola detected?

          atwola = AOL-Time Warner Online Advertising.


          www.atwola.com is now owned by AOL.


          This is a tracking cookie, coming from an advertisement on a web page, probably one you visit frequently. These are not necessarily wanted. If you have the option to delete it, do so. McAfee blocks quite a number of these cookies, but a lot are allowed through. Perhaps AOL passes the fitness test, although WOT rates atwola.com as a site with a poor reputation. SiteAdvisor says it's green, but the site reviews (only a few) are all hostile.

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          • 2. Has anyone else had a cookie Atwola detected?

            Thank you for the prompt reply. I delete them daily, my guess is it is coming from time warner because roadrunner is my internet provider.  do not use aol, just Roadrunner thru IE7,I assume it cannot hurt my pc as long as you put in quarantined and trusted items,that is where you place them and I delete daily from there, usually many of them daily.