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    McAfee Virtual Technician installation fails on Windows XP

      McAfee Virtual Technician installation fails on Windows XP.


      This information current as of 04 Mar 11.


      I am running a  newly installed (02 March) verson of Windows XP, SP3 with all MS updates through today on a desktop computer with plenty of processer power, disk space and RAM. I've also loaded some basic applications, all of which seem to be working fine. Immediately following installation of XP, I installed the free version of Avast, but have removed it and successfully re-installed a previously purchased (May 2010) version of McAfee Total Protection ("MTP"). (This version was first installed to and then removed from the prior XP installation because of problems). The current MTP installation intentionally excluded Parental Controls and Site-Advisor and EasyNetworking. Although the current install was started from a McAfee Backup CD obtained at the time of the initial product purchase, once it was in progress all files were downloaded and installed directly from the McAfee website.


      Prior to installing MTP, all steps contained in McAfee Document  ID: TS100119 were followed, including clearing temporary files and disabling pop-up blockers and script debugging. Lastly, step 7, running the McAfee Preinstall tool (McPreInstall.exe), was executed. MTP then installed without problem. (An earlier effort to install MTP was mostly successful, except that Site-Advisor, which was NOT intentionally excluded from the install, failed to install. This partially failed install was removed using the Control Panel and rolled back using the Restore Point, and the subsequent successful install was achieved as described.) MTPhas been fully updated and appears to be working properly.


      Immediately after successfully installing MTP, I tried to install McAfee Virtual Technician ("MVT"). Before doing so, I again went through the full preparation process set out in Document  ID: TS100119. Install of MVT failed. Went through the whole procedure again and failed again.


      Can't communicate with McAfee about it, because use of Live Chat apparently requires presence of MVT on system.


      Any suggestions?






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          A little more detail on the failed install. I ran the MTV install program and made contact with McAfee's install site. As I recall, there was a download or install option, which I clicked. Then the program appeared to begin download (graphic interface made happy pictures for an bar moving back and forth). After about 30 seconds or one minute the error message came.


          I didn't write the error message down, but it said something like "Install failed. Please try again."


          Here is the text of the McInstallation.log, which is also attached as a file:


          03-04-2011 15:20:38        Information    CUtility, unable to read accept langugae key for IE browser

          03-04-2011 15:20:38        Information    5

          03-04-2011 15:20:40        Information    got language from server

          03-04-2011 15:20:40        Information    en-us

          03-04-2011 15:20:41        Information    got dlgxml url from server

          03-04-2011 15:20:41        Information    https://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt//strings/en-us/DlgStrings.xml

          03-04-2011 15:21:07        Information     Failed to load xml after mvt variable replacement

          03-04-2011 15:21:07        Information    0

          03-04-2011 15:21:13        Information    Closing Log Manager.


          I see mention of IE browser in the log. However, I think my computer may have been using Firefor. Not sure. But it was probably using the same browser previously used 15 minutes earlier to install MTP.






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            I just spent about an hour describing in extensive detail some additional information I found that might be useful. But when I tried post it, it somehow got deleted. I can't do it all over again now. I'll give you the short version, and that may be all you need. If not, let me know, and I'll give you the full version tomorrow.


            (Yes, I'm new to this and just learned the valuable lesson to draft in Notepad and then paste to the forum.)


            The short version is that I stumbled over two registry entries under the path:






            They were both created at 3:19 PM in the last seconds before the McAfee.log begins for my failed MVT install (that I have sent to you).


            I attach the two registry entry files, renamed






            so that they are more stable.


            Is it possible that this has something to do with the McPreInstall.exe file that I ran just before starting the MVT install?


            If you think this might lead somewhere, I can go back and give you the fuller story.






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              Hi Mike,


              We are not able to reproduce the issue. We will try to get back to you with an separate MVT installer which will provide more information on the issue, by Wednesday. Once we have some more information, we should be able to resolve the issue.




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                Hi Mike,


                Please find attached zip file, with MVT installer exe.



                1. Uninstall any previous installed MVT from Add/Remove programs

                2. Run the attached MVT installer

                3. Provide the McInstallation.log as before from %temp%, along with the execution results.

                4. Uninstall MVT from Add/Remove programs (since this is an test installer)