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    Authentication with LDAP



      I using McAfee Web Gateway 7 and OpenLdap for Authentication users (please see rule in attachment). I have 2 problems:

      + The web Gateway can only authenticate with new users in LDAP (users are created after create database LDAP on WEbgateway) and cannot authenticate with old users in LDAP (users are created before create database LDAP on WEbgateway)

      + When users access to web the authentication box always appears (ask username and password), although this user loged into LDAP


      Please help me fix the problem

      Thank and Regards,

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          It is difficult to tell what is happening between MWG and LDAP without knowing the structure of the LDAP schema.


          The only obvious error is:


          you might need to use:



          If you use LDAP, you will always be prompted for username/password. You cannot perform integrated authentication in the browser unless you use NTLM with Active Directory.

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            Thank for your support,

            I still have a problem. Now I have many LDAP server (Ex: acb.com.vn, hoiso.com.vn, chinhanh.com.vn). How to authenticate with all these LDAP when apply rule? Please tell me the solution.

            Thank and Regards,