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      I have some problem when authentication with Web Gateway 7 and windows server

      + I joined the appliance into my domain and on windows server I create acount (test1, test2) and group (group1, group2) and then I create rule authenticate for user (use property Authentication.UserNames). It's ok. When I create rule authentiacte with group1 or group2. It's not ok.  

      + I have 2 dc acb.com.vn and acbs.com.vn. I joined the appliance into 2 the domains. How to map user all 2 domain on rule. Example: allow users of group internet on domain acb.com.vn and users of group banking on domain acbs.com.vn can access to web mail. Can I create rule authenticate users with all 2 domain ?


      Thanks and Regards,

      Truong Hoang Huy