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    SiteAdvisor + IE9 == Annoying


      I've installed the IE9 RC on a couple of my test mahcines along with mine for evaluation.  Well part of IE9 is now a checker that evaluates the speed of addons running and by default alerts the user when all of their addones combined take longer than 0.2 seconds to load.  This is not only checked when IE9 is opneed but when a new tab is opened too because of the way IE9 works.  Well my evaluation have been rather annoying because in most cases just starting IE9 triggers the slow addons alert because of SA loading.  In itself this isn't a security issue but once rolled out it will result in endless helpdesk tickets from those wanting to know why they keep getting these alerts and will also result in those with the ability Disabling the addon because in essence MS suggested they do it.


      I could understand it taking as long when loading a page I haven't been to but in most cases when opening a new tab this triggers too and against about:blank pretty much.  It should never take that long to validate something that is not actually even web content.


      IE9 RC

      SA+ P2

      Windows 7 64bit (8gb ram & 3ghz Quad Core)


      This image shows the alert triggering on opening a new tab.



      This image shows SA being the culprit of my slow loading.