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    DLP 9.1 and Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 sp1


      Whilst I didn't want to believe that a DLP installation that is currently only monitoring USB devices and a with a small test group of users having a Web Post Protection rule live could possibly be stopping Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 (DNS10) from operating...


      When the DLP agent was uninstalled from the PC, then DNS10 works fine.

      When DLP agent is reinstalled the DNS10 user files are once again corrupted. Another process is using the files and DNS10 is not able to access them.


      Remove DLP Agent and DNS10 is working fine again...


      So the question 1: Is this related to having the file tracking turned on within DLP?

      And question 2:  Why/How is DLP stopping DNS10 from working correclty and can it be fixed?


      I really don't want to uninstall DLP on every PC that has DNS10 installed as this would create a HOLE in our security.






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