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    Running both HIPS v7.x and v8.x on one ePO4.5 Enterprise system

      Gday All,


      Just very quick question on the above. Is it possible to run both HIPS v7.xand v8.x as current software packages on ePO4.5?


      The scenario is as follows: We only have v7.x currently checked-in and allclients running this version. We want to check-in v8.x and deploy to certaincorporate segments.


      Would this be possible or can you only have one major version of a packageas 'current' and subsequent as 'eval'?


      I tested this offline and was able to check-in v8.x onto ePO4.5 with v7.xalready present and the package check-in did not allow me to select 'current'or 'eval' if defaulted to 'current' if that makes sense.


      thank you