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    VS88 WScript.exe Memory Cannot be Written


      I am wondering if anyone has encountered this.  Working with a Japan laptop build tonight and we have triggered the error below with the test.vbs script.   It was a 'fresh' VS 88 install.  We stopped getting the error after removed VS88.  What's more interesting is that we installed VS85, no error... Then upgraded to VS88 and NO error.  I still have to reproduce this when I get into the office tomorrow (was unable to reproduce on my VS88 home machine).   I will post more details tomorrow... but just wanted to throw this out to the very helpful community.




      test.vbs contains

      wscript.echo "Hello"

      PC with VS 8.8

      run "test.vbs"

      Script runs and pops up the wscript msg box, then after you click OK an error message pops up

      Type: Information

      Source: Application Popup

      Event ID: 26

      Event Time: 3/3/2011 1:55:56 PM

      User: n/a

      Computer: LJ-P1AKSA36055


      アプリケーション ポップアップ: WScript.exe - アプリケーション エラー : "0x1449603e" の命令が "0x1449603e" のメモリを参照しました。メモリが "written" になることはできませんでした。

      プログラムを終了するには [OK] をクリックしてください

      プログラムをデバッグするには [キャンセル] をクリックしてください

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          Attila Polinger



          for testing purposes please check if any detection of any kind is seen in any logs under %DEFLOGDIR%. Not sure, but have a notion that some VirusScan module policy settings might have been enabled in VSE 8.8 whereas the same was not enabled in VSE 8.5.


          If this does not point out the error, then I recommend you still keep VSE 8.8, but run the .VBS script twice, so you disable first ScriptScan, then second Access Protection before each run.

          If that does not yield any results either, then please run it third time this time disabling On Access Scanner module in VirusScan console. That should yield result. Next step is to figure out which setting is causing the error (by disabling enabled settings one after the other while you run the .VBS).


          I hope I could be of some help.



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            I was able to reproduce the error - this time by launching and closing the 'Help Center'.  I do not have script scanning enabled.  I am running XP SP3.


            I will disable different items in the policy to see if I can clear the error.



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              >I do not have script scanning enabled.


              How about enabling ScriptScan?

              I heard from a colleague that this message didn't occur if ScriptScan was enabled, but did occur when disabled... which is weird . Needless to say, we don't have further details on what's going on here yet.

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                I think you are on to something!   I have enabled scriptscan and my initial test results are positive - I do not get the application error pop-up box.  I will do more testing to 100% convince myself this resolves the issue, then I will report that on my open SR.   Thanks for the suggestion wwarren!

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                  I have confirmed enabling script scan prevents the application error pop-ups and have reported this to McAfee support.  I'll post more regarding this issue once I hear from McAfee support.  Thanks again wwareen.

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                    Yes, Script scan is magic check box 

                    We migrated from VS 8.7 to new (quick) VS 8.8.
                    In VS 8.7 we had Disable this check box. And we wanted to have still disable but ...
                    After that we had more problems with apllications and OS.
                    More Users watch messages about memory writte or read ...  (Notepad.exe, wmiprvse.exe, Java, Explorer.exe )
                    Some users said that PC is slow when thay want logoff or shutdown.

                    When we can install Java Sun 6 U 24 on VS 8.8 with Disable Script Scan we have error message about memory.. (?)
                    When we Enable Script Scan we can´t see any error.


                    What I said ..magic checkbox.


                    I hear that ScriptScan was integrated into VS 8.8 (in VS 8.7 was separated).


                    We escalated and now we are still waiting for answer :-(           (McAfee Tier 3)


                    Sorry for my ENG



                    21.3.2011 ...we are still waiting.


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                      Since we have discovered script scan to be an issue with Virus Scan 8.8, we are not even going to install that component for our intial 88 deployment.  We have never used script scan with previous versions and I guess its going to stay that way.