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    "SafeBoot Error" (0xe00150001) - PLEASE HELP!

      Hi everyone,


      I have a serious dilemma with my HP 6910p. Last night, I got a message window stating that updates had been installed and that I needed to restart my computer in order for them to take effect.   I proceeded to restart my notebook, only to get a blank black screen with a "SafeBoot Error" window stating; "SafeBoot" is not installed."


      I'm not very computer savvy so I have no idea what the issue is.  I called HP and they said that there is a problem with my McAfee data encryption software and that I needed to contact them.  I called McAfee but they said that they couldn't help me and that this was HP's issue.  In addition, they stated that they couldn't offer any further help because I didn't have a grant # (not sure what that is).  After bouncing back and forth between the two, I ended up speaking with a nice customer service rep at McAfee, who was able to point me in the right direction.  He said that I needed to burn a Safe Tech iso on a CD and then try to boot it.


      If anyone can point me in the right direction, I wouls really appreciate it.



      Thanks in advance!



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          First we need to be sure what product you are using. If it's a company laptop, and you used to see a McAfee or SafeBoot boot screen every time you turned your machine on, then you need to contact your companies help desk - they will be able to help you.


          If you used to see a HP screen, then you are not using SafeBoot, you are using Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools, a HP product, so you need to call HP.


          If you tell HP you're using SafeBoot they will send you to McAfee by mistake, you need to tell them it's Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools etc.


          So, which product were you using?


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            Thnks a lot for the reply.


            I am almost certain that I had encrypted my drive using HP ProtectTools and that's the login that appeared whenever I started my notebook up.   The only reason I questioned myself was because of the SafeBoot error message and the fact that the HP rep mentioned that 'Safe  Boot' is a McAfee product. 


            I will try to contact HP again and see what they say. 


            I'm curious, why does the error say "SafeBoot"?

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              Because we are the OEM provider to HP for this technology. I can see why they would be confused though.

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                I called HP back this morning and explained everything to them again.  They mentioned the whole "it's a McAfee problem..." but this time I made it clear that I used HP ProtectTools.  At the end of it all, they said that they can't do anything and that my 3-year warranty (6 months still remaining) does not cover software issues.



                I really don't want to wipe everything out and reinstall my OS.  Is there any way that I can retrieve my old files?



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                  1. Did you subscribe to the key registration service when you activated HP ProtectTools?


                  2. Do you still have the USB stick that the system backed your keys up to when you activated the encryption?

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                    1. I don't recall signing up for the key registration service but may have (I encrypted everything back in August).



                    2. I made a back-up of my entire hard drive on an external one before encrypting it.  I searched "ProtectTools" in the back-up folder and 2 folders came up: "HP BIOS Configuration for ProtectTools" and "HP ProtectTools Security Manager".  The latter is full of things but the fomer only has two items.  I don't know where the keys would be located.

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                      When you activated the encryption, it would have forced you to plug in a USB stick, and would have thrown a big warning to KEEP IT SAFE. That stick contains the decryption keys for your machine.


                      Without that, no one can recover the data - it's totally secure.

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                        Thismay sound really elementary but can a Safe Tech ISO get around the SafeBoot error that I've been getting?

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                          yes, if you have that magic USB stick ;-) If you don't have the stick, nothing can help you - the system is designed to provide absolute security to anyone who does not have they keys. Windows broke the one on the disk, and the backup copy is on that USB stick I'm telling you to go find.

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