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    TrustedSource SL/NS Database Category Deletion

      I received the following SNS notification today, but I can't determine if we are affected by it.  We use Webwasher 6.8.7.  How do we determine which SmartFilter DB it uses?  thanks in advance!





      As the McAfee TrustedSource SL/NS Database is now in the final phases of theEnd of Life (EOL) schedule, McAfee must make some changes to the SL/NS databaseto meet the size constraint requirement. To meet this requirement, we willempty the contents of the Entertainment/Recreation/Hobbies category (112, et) as of03/06/2011.

      TheEntertaintment/Recreation/Hobbies category will still be displayed as anoption, but there will be no URLs present in the category. The URLs will stillbe present within the appropriate categories within the XL, resident, and clouddatabases. The contents of the Entertainment/Recreation/Hobbies category (112, et) are availablein the XL database and the cloud service.

      Whendid the SL/NS Database reach End of Support?
      End of Support (EOS) for the McAfee TrustedSource SL Database Ticketing Systembegan on September 30, 2010.

      Whendoes McAfee TrustedSource check against the SL Database?TheTrustedSource SL Database is used when you select the SmartFilter V4 option.

      Whatare the upgrade options?
      Contact your McAfee sales representative to upgrade your McAfee product(s) soURL submissions can be checked against McAfee TrustedSource XL and TSdatabases.