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    How do I remove this nagware?

      McAfee for all intents and purposes might as well have loaded a malware script onto my computer. I have a paid subscription through December of this year, and this %^&* pop up keeps coming up as I try to work. Now I have to jump through hoops to remove this VIRUS mcafeee sellf installed on my system. So I had to create an accounthere as if I wanted one, have to write customer support which now tells me i have to call tech support.


      You people put it on my computer.....take it off. Does my time have no value to you?



        • 1. How do I remove this nagware?

          I haven't received it myself so I have no idea what choices are offered in that drop-down menu but did you say 'no thanks' then click OK?   It is a pretty good offer - 50% off if you renew now (rather than at the end of your subscription), that's the whole point of the ad.  We were warned that it was going out in the middle of many subscriptions and possibly expect complaints.  Of course our question then was 'why do it?', but the argument was that it was  an earlybird promotional offer giving people the opportunity to save big if they renew early.


          We understood that it would go away for good once dismissed.


          You can reach Technical Support Chat online 24/7 through Useful Links at the top of this page.

          • 2. How do I remove this nagware?

            My sub doesnt run out until December of 2011. This things been here for two weeks, and wont end until March 31. Do you know how I know? Becasue before this one, there was a different one.


            The choices are to either buy now, or close the pop up for some period of time programmed into it. It pops up at least 10 times a day. I'm sick of it, and I WILL NOT renew. I'll find something else.


            I have already spent hours upon hours trying to remove it. It looks like I'll have to take a day offf of work to contact tech support to remove this cancer from my computer.

            • 3. How do I remove this nagware?

              What happens if you 'Act now' then don't follow through the rest of the way?

              • 4. How do I remove this nagware?

                same thing...it just keeps coming back

                • 5. How do I remove this nagware?

                  try right-clicking the taskbar icon and select Verify Subscription, that might reset everything.   Sorry I haven't yet been afflicted with this popup so am guessing here.

                  • 6. How do I remove this nagware?

                    already tried that too...this issue in the FAQ's, but the solution doesnt work

                    • 7. How do I remove this nagware?

                      Sorry I can't think of anything else and I don't blame you for being mad at this.   I've emailed my contact at McAfee regarding it.  He is the one that is in agreement with us about these popups being far too aggressive and frequent, but unfortunatelyh the marketing people seem to have a stranglehold on common sense.


                      I know that he has informed them about this.   I'll let you know what's said.

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                        Hi crfeo,

                        I have sent you an email to schedule an appointment to diagnose the issue, please have it replied so that we could proceed with this.