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    Need to upgrade Safeboot system...help please...

      Hi  there, thanks for any help in advance!


      I'm looking to upgrade our safeboot system as we have been running an old version for the past few years, which has worked fine, but am now having issues(as i think other people are) with newer laptops, Dell E4310 etc etc.  Our current version is Basically i'm looking for a list of versions that there are and also where i can download the updates from Mcafee, i have done this previousley but now can't seem to find it.  Also is it possible to advise what the 1st version is that has to be intergrated with EPO and also is there still going to be a new release the end of this year which has an upgrade path from older versions(as i dont believe the newer versions currently do - please correct me if i'm wrong!)  Thanks for your help. Mike.