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    Can someone confirm if my virus scan is being updated, but it's just not showing in Security report section?


      My computer installed the McAfee Anti virus Plus Select Edition on 2-22-11. Security center version 10.5. Everything went fine, changed icon, everything in protected state. Auto update is on, I changed the scheduled scan from fri to tue. It appeared to be updating the same as the old security ctr. The icon has a tiny circle, my browsing slows, same as before. Only when I put my mouse over the icon it says updating but always has 0%.


      I did a manual update this morning, looked at security report had last update 3-1 6:52am- Number updates 0.

      It had last scan-no activity and all zeros but the scheduled scan wasn't until today. Nothing showed in buffer overflow and I know i had a buffer overrun on 2-28. I never saw that message before. It threw me out of Moz Firefox. I ran malwarebytes after-nothing. While looking for the security center version under McAfee Resources- about - I noticed it has McAfee virus scan last update 2-28 Dat version 6270, Dat creation 2-27. I decided to wait to see if does the scheduled scan.


      It did the scheduled scan, and it did an update. Little circle still saying 0% on the update on mouse point.

      The Security report  still has last update my manual one 3-1 6:52 am -number of updates 0- Scan report 0, full scan 0, total items scanned 0

      McAfee Resources-About - said Virus scan last update 3-1, Dat version 6271, date creation date 2-28.


      I've searched the forums for an answers found a few posts that were similar but very old and the only thing I got was to run virtual tech which I forgot I had. If there is a place where people with similar issue had the solution posted please let me know.


      Am I protected with the lastest update even though its not showing in reports?

      Is there a solution to the reports section not showing updates, scans?


      ran Malwarebytes full scan - nothing found

      ran virtual tech - no problems found- Session ID 3124712

      windows xp sp3


      Mozilla firefox